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Circleback Studios Launches Perk-u-late

MEMPHIS — January 5, 2007 — Circleback Studio ( http://www.circlebackstudio.com/), a web-based information and marketing resource for the scrapbooking and crafts community, announces the launch of Perk-u-late wiki ( http://circlebackstudio.wetpaint.com/), which will provide the broadest perspective of the scrapbooking industry either online or in print. Basic a ccess is free, so individuals and businesses can immediately take advantage of this new business model. Premium features and access are being developed and will be available by subscription. The Perk-u-late wiki ( http://circlebackstudio.wetpaint.com) framework is designed to organize metadata about the industry. Users will be able to add information and news to the wiki. Wetpaint was chosen as the wiki provider because of their easy-to-use interface. "Our scrapbooking audience is busy creating and is looking for an easy way to update their information," says Deborah Elzie, one of Circleback Studio's partners. "We think that our service is unique in the industry. We are offering a place where creative individuals can go to find a market for their creations. The wiki organizes industry information from across print and web sources and makes it accessible by keyword. We are currently in the beta phase, so users can look forward to the addition of many new features in the next few weeks. Going to market in a beta stage is a new approach being adopted by many start-ups. It gives the audience the chance to help create the best product as well as a more relevant and user-friendly experience." The Circleback Studio team of Wendy Todd and Deborah Elzie wants to create a unique experience that provides customer service and give creatives a way to be heard in the industry. "Circleback Studio is all about you exploring you," says Wendy Todd. "We recognize that many people explore and express themselves through scrapbooking, stamping, photography, and other related arts and crafts. We think that interest in crafts is having a revival and that this expressive medium for years has been so empowering. This is perhaps especially true for women who have set their creative selves aside, whether for career, family, or both." Perk-u-late offers something for everyone. Have you been trying to find a designer that you have lost touch with? Perk-u-late will help you keep track of all of your favorite designers as well as emerging new designers in the field. Are you a designer trying out new spaces and companies? How do your loyal customers keep track of you? With Circleback, no matter what twists and turns your career takes, you and your customers can circleback to stay connected. For manufacturers, Circleback Studio's Perk-u-late provides an opportunity to offer "sneak peeks" to customers interested in their targeted promotions. This will give manufacturers a way to gather valuable user data. Circleback Studio's Perk-u-late is a place where people with questions related to crafts and scrapbooking can find answers. It is a collaborative place – a meta site – bringing together the best of what the industry has to offer. Wendy and Deborah dream of giving a voice to creatives, as well as providing a service to retailers and manufacturers. In the information age, users want to be able not only to buy content, but to also create and distribute content. Retailers want to carry relevant products and manufacturers want to make products that meet a need. So, Wendy and Deborah invite everyone to Circleback Studio's Perk-u-late wiki. Brew some coffee, stay for a while, and re-charge your creative energies. About Circleback: Circleback Studio is a web-based enterprise, created by sisters Wendy Todd and Deborah Elzie. Circleback serves the scrapbook industry by providing information, a collaborative forum, and marketing. The company maintains the Perk-u-late wiki and provides professional advertising services for all sizes and types of businesses related to scrapbooking. About Wetpaint: Wetpaint combines the best elements of blogs, wikis, forums and social networking to create easy, click-and-type websites. Designed with the non-technical consumer in mind, Wetpaint sites make it easy to add text, photos, and links, or to edit content that is already on the site. In addition to the 50,000 sites already created on the Wetpaint platform to date, several leading companies use Wetpaint to strengthen relationships with their customers. http://www.wetpaint.com/ About Wikis: A wiki is simply a website where users can edit every page using a web browser. It is really easy to use and that means that wikis are becoming widely popular for large collaborative websites. To learn more about Circleback Studio, visit http://circlebackstudio.com/blog . See our graphic press release: http://circlebackstudio.com/press/circleback_studio_launches_perk-u-late.pdf

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