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Legacy Video Scrapbook Captures Family Memories for Generations

Creating a scrapbook of memorabilia has become a passion for many of us whose parents are reaching upper ages. Unfortunately a written account from a loved one preserves only their handwritten notes and not the true personal essence of who they are. Even computer programs that store photos and other memorabilia run the risk of being unplayable in the future when those generations attempt to retrieve the information.

Fortunately we now have the technical tools to record and indefinitely preserve the lifelike sounds and visual images of our loved ones. They may now speak to generations far removed from their own time and give them an insight into their thoughts and lives. This visual time capsule is available to anyone who wishes to take a little time and effort to create it. Imagine if this kind of technology had been available to record Lincoln or Washington or even your great-grandma? What wasn’t available to presidents is now available to you.

The Legacy Video Scrapbook is a how-to-do-it manual co-written by a veteran TV producer and a clinical psychologist. It is designed to guide you from initially proposing the project to your special person all the way through organizing how this keepsake will be preserved. This easy-to-read manual gives you step-by-step hints, tricks, and instructions about organizing everything, creating a personalized format, the best ways to make the recording, editing, and how to get help from family members. There are plenty of checklists, sample topics to stimulate memories, and even a letter explaining the project to the intended “star”.

The Legacy Video Scrapbook costs $19.95 and is available on-line at www.legacyvideoscrapbook.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-742-0074.

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