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How to Crop a Photo
by CreatingKeepsakes.com

Photos capture important moments in our lives, so the idea of cutting them up can be a bit daunting. But trimming photos can actually enhance them—and let you fit more special moments on a layout.


Before you crop a photo, ask yourself these key questions:

1. What is the main subject of my photo? Determine how much of the photo is necessary to create focus. For example, you’d probably want to crop out these strangers who stepped into this photo at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone since they detract from the beauty of the scenery.

2. Is there more than one item you want to highlight, or a small item of historical or sentimental value you wish to show separately? Make a copy of the photo and crop each print a different way.


3. What items in the picture are distracting? Common problems include people walking in front of the camera, shadows or too much empty background in the photo. Remember that some background items like cars or houses might have historical or sentimental significance in years to come, so you might want to leave them in the photo.

To begin to crop, you will need the following:
Scissors and ruler or a paper trimmer
Wax pencil
Shape template


You can crop a photo in a variety of ways. Here are a couple to try:

Basic. Outline the part of the photo you want to keep in wax pencil using a ruler or template as a guide. Trim off the excess with scissors or a paper trimmer.


Things to Note
• Since special chemicals are sealed in Polaroids, don’t crop them or the chemicals will leak out and destroy the photo, as well as your page.
• Use a circle or oval cutter for hassle-free cropping.
• Stick with mainly rectangular and square photos for a cleaner, more sophisticated look.
Silhouette. To create a silhouette, cut closely around the outside of the item or person you want to showcase.

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